How Thinking and Mindset beat Diabetes Type II (2)

How Thinking and Mindset beat Diabetes Type II (2)

“Early March of this year (2016) …

Gilberto, A good friend from London skype’d me to ask my opinion
about his  recent bad news.
I asked…  “what bad news?”
He had just been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2.
and was obviously shocked and very concerned.

I responded…

“Gilberto…  I have some great news for you!”   : )

Although my words would sound crazy and possibly uncaring to some people,
Gilberto knows that I do care, and that I am indeed a little crazy!
We spoke for nearly 2 hours about how Diabetes II is mainly caused by
poor lifestyle choices.

I KNEW in my heart that Gilberto could turn this around if he was willing to make some serious changes now!

Thankfully, Gilberto was all ears. I think we spoke for over an hour.

Here are some of the comments and key points I shared with
him during our conversation:

  • You know that I am Not a doctor and thus unable to prescribe or cure?
  • Ask your doctor if he would re-evaluate your diagnosis in a couple of weeks
    from now, before prescribing insulin or another medication. ok?
  • Your Mind, Your Thoughts, Your Beliefs, can beat Diabetes!
  • Consider changing your eating habits NOW!
  • Cut out the carbs, the bread, the pasta, the sugar, and sweet foods, drinks.
  • Increase all vegetables.
  • Search google for stories of other people who successfully beat diabetes.
  • Study success.  Focus all of your thoughts on the people
    who have successfully reversed their diagnosis, Who beat Diabetes.
  • Don’t waste your time studying the average people who fail.
  • Study the winners! Study Success!
  • Visualize, right now, your next visit with your doctor,
  • Imagine, Right now!…  your doctor…
    looking at your new lab reports, smiling,
    and saying “Gilberto, amazing!!!!, How did you do it?!  This test result shows that your blood sugar levels are in the idea range, Actually, better than average!”   You are amazing!!”
  • In your minds eye, be there now, see the expression on your doctors face,
  • Hear his words, and FEEL your pride!    
  • IMAGINE it is happening now.  Pretend and Imagine.
  • Notice how great you feel listening to his words!   Gilberto! …How did you do it?
  • That’s right!   YOU did it,  YOU created Real Magic using your god given power.

About a month later,  Gilberto sends me an email.
(Note: he began his email with the exact SAME “great news” wording)

He says…

“…Some great news…  Ketogenic diet is great!
I have lost in the last 30 days about 22 pounds
and by miracle, after 30 days, my glucose in the morning is
about normal. Before diet: 6.7, 6.8, sometime even 7.0 and now,
in the last 5 days(finally…) 5.5, 5.3, 5.2, 5.4 and 4.8
(I believe because I walk a lot that day)
So diabetes type 2 is now gone!   Is past now.
Thank you for the insights and clues!  “

What’s the lesson here?

A “diagnosis”  or a “prognosis” is NOT written in store.
YOU have the power to change mentally, emotionally, and Physiologically.
Your thoughts, your beliefs, and your actions hold great power.
Doctors are also important. Tests are important.
Test results can, and do change.
In 2008,  after a surf trip, a bacteria began eating a hole in the cornea of my eye.
The doctor in Brazil insisted that I meet with him EVERY DAY for 7 consecutive days!
Yes, even on Sunday!  That doctors medication, and his dedication saved my eye!
If it had not been for that amazing doctor, I would have lost my eye.
The point here,  is that doctors ARE valuable  AND…
at the same time,   WE must do Everything we can at the same time.
Appreciate medicine, and appreciate the vast power that is you!
The power of choice, the power of your mind, the power of You,
the power of me, and the power of we.
If this post were to only help 1 person in the world to beat diabetes 2,
or another unwanted diagnosis,  then it would be a success.

Thank you for reading!
You are appreciated!
–  Jeff Bliss
Hypnotist, Speaker, and Mindset Coach

Benefits of EFT, FasterEFT, and Other Chakra Tapping Techniques.

EFT, FasterEFT, TFT, and You-Tap, They-Tap, Me-Tap, We-Tap, Here-a-Tap, There-a-Tap, Everywhere-a-Tap-Tap. : )

What’s up with all of these different tapping techniques?

How do they work?  How effective are they?  Which is the best?


Yes!  Tapping works really well to with traumatic memories,  anxiety, cravings, and addictive behaviors.

Personally, I’ve been using a version that is most similar to “FasterEFT”. When using the technique on my own, results have been just “ok” but when using the exact same technique with clients,the results have been consistently AMAZING!

It’s the same with Massage.   Which feels better? Massaging your own shoulder, or someone else massaging it for you?

Huge difference right?

It’s the same with self-hypnosis,  self-coaching, fitness training, I’ve consistently found exponentially better results when another person is involved.  Even when the other person is via Skype!

So if you’ve tried EFT, FasterEFT or similar on your own, hold off judgement until you’ve experienced it with a practitioner, coach, or guide.

The various tapping methods all seem to work by affecting your energy, chakras, or meridians, along with NLP Pattern interrupts.  For me, How exactly something works is far less important to me than the result itself.

Is there risk involved?

Recently read a post proclaiming  “Dangers of FasterEFT” I busted out laughing.  : )) That’s equal to someone warning others about the risk of Hugs. : )

Tapping risk?  

Not at all.  Essentially, they all combine words and phrases that empower other, along with fingers tapping on the skin in various locations.

The differences from one method to the other is mainly: The belief system behind it,  the chosen words and phrases, and the tapping spots.

As much as I like the tapping,  it’s still only 1 tool.  You’re not going to fix everything with just a screwdriver, or hammer.  There’s good reason why a repair person wears a tool belt, ready to use whichever tool best fits the task at hand.

As a hypnotist, who obviously loves using hypnosis, I also carry a full tool-belt complete with

NLP, Muscle testing, Mindscaping, Grapho-therapy, Tapping, Intuition, Real-Magic, and a set of Mental-Keys that unlock your blocks to set your mind free.

What do you think about tapping?

Leave your comments below and…

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