About Jeff

About Jeff

Hypnotic Entertainer, Speaker, & Mindset Coach

Hypnotic Motivational Speaker Jeff Bliss

My Mission

To lead by example

To constantly be learning, growing, and sharing

To provide jaw-dropping entertainment

To blow-minds

To transform

To re-connect people to the real magic that surrounds us all

and to always leave people better than I found them


How did I get here?

It’s been an amazing journey and getting more fascinating by the day. I’ve been an instructor and coach for decades. Fitness Trainer, Windsurfing Instructor, Windsurfing instructor-Trainer, Kiteboarding Instructor, ++.  My pattern over the years has remained much the same.  See it > learn it > teach it
Thanks to those sports, I’ve had the opportunity to live in Cancun, Mexico; Maui, Hawaii, Aruba, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, and all over the US.

The connection between a life of  Sports and a career in Hypnosis?  It’s ALL Mental!

And YOU?   How did you get here?
And more importantly…
where do YOU want to go?


Jeff Bliss smiling faceApril 2015 at HQ FreeDiving Center, Mactan Island


Hypnotized High School Students sleeping on stage during after prom hypnosis showHypnotized and Deep Deep A-Sleep!



No matter how many times I hypnotize people, whether for Entertainment or for Therapy, it’s always fun, always amazing, and never the same.  

People are unique, you’re unique, and it’s always somewhat of a surprise how someone will react once their conscious-mind goes off-line.

Whether it’s a Corporate event, a Campus event, a house party, or private therapy work.  I truly love what I do and grateful for everything, including you!



Being average is easy, too easy. Average is going with the flow, and that’s ok, if… that’s right for you.  Far more fun and exciting is raising the bar and then finding a way to rise above it. Whether it’s getting stronger, losing weight, mastering a new skill, building a business, or anything else, it all begins with a thought. Thoughts, beliefs, and actions shape our reality.  The mind is like a garden, you can plant flowers or plant weeds. Choose wisely.


What I do, and so can you!

  1. Begin with a  “can-do Mindset”.
  2. Know your outcome. Imagine and feel it, in the future-present.
  3. Make a decision to begin and set your mental GPS
  4. Begin now! Take action now, no matter how small. It’s ok to
  5. Whether you Stumble, fall, or fail.  It’s ALL good!  Get up, adjust, and continue.
    A first you stumble, and then you stumble upon.
  6. Keep score, monitor your results, adjust your strategy if needed, and continue on your way.

As much as I loving speaking about having a magical mindset, it’s more exciting to use it!

What do YOU really want?
Can you imagine it!?
Are you imagining it now?
If yes,  congratulations, you’re creating real-magic!


Jeff Bliss Deadlifting 315 lbs, more than 2x his body weightBody weight: 145 lbs. Deadlifting: 315 lbs


It’s be said that who we are, is the sum of our experiences,  beliefs, values, and perceptions.

Maybe a better way to say it:  you become who you decide you want to be and the images you hold in your mind.

I believe that you and I are limitless, even though sometimes it feels like our obstacles are real.

What happens when you choose to believe, or pretend and imagine that those obstacles in your lives are illusions?

What happens when you choose to look at things from a completely new perspective and then imagine what could be?

I think the best word to describe it is: “Imagineering”. It’s the process that creates “Real” Magic.  Not the magic of the magician, but rather the magic that lies within you.

Whether it’s via Entertaining, Corporate Training, or Personal coaching,  I sincerely love sharing these gifts.


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