mindblowing presentations that educate as they entertain

Entertainment with a message



Interactive-Presentations that… 
Educate, Motivate, Uplift and Inspire, as they Entertain your audience.

A perfect blend of Education and Entertainment.
No need to chose!  Have both!

It’s the “Do” in Be-Do-Have.
because people are unique and interact in unique ways,
your presentation will be as well.

for Your guests will see, hear, and feel reality shifts,
in real time, right before their eyes.

Custom tailored
to included your groups objectives and theme

Entertainment with a message
and a message that entertains.

Fun & Fascination
Combining REAL-magic, Hypnosis, and Mentalism
with a message that will fascinate your audience!

Jaw-dropping, Fascinating, and Huge Mind-blowing Fun for Everyone!


60-90 Minute Presentations


“I Know You Can, and So Can I” ™

“Subconscious Secrets for Success in Business and Life”

“From Obstacles to Outstanding”

“How to Raise the BAR in every area of your life, and then cross it.”

Beliefs > Actions, > Results!


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