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WordPress “Drag and Drop” site Builder & Hosting
For Entertainers: Sites to Market Yourself
Accepting Payments Online + Card Swipe Reader
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Travel / Lodging


WP Website Builders and Hosting

Drag and Drop Site Builders for WordPress.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder and Elementor are both plug-ins (tools)  that allows you to create and edit a wordpress site with “drag and drop” ease. Using these tool makes wordpress more like using: Weebly, Wix, or Square space.  More to learn, but with a huge advantage being that WordPress gives you significantly more freedom over your site.

This website, (the one you’re on right now),
was built using the “beaverbuilder pro” plugin along with the included beaverbuilder theme.  There’s a good chance everything will soon be converted over to Elementor and one of their Pojo branded Themes.

If you’re new to building sites,
You’ll need / want 5 things:


1. Your own Domain name:
You can get one at Godaddy.


2. A Web host provider:

SiteGround, Godaddy, Fatcow, Host Gator, WP-Engine, and others


3. WordPress Drag and Drop Website / Page builder:

BeaverBuilder Pro
Elementor Pro
Thrive Builder including free upgrade to Thrive Builder 2.0 “Architect” 
Both offer  Free and Paid (Pro) versions, and both are excellent!
If in doubt, begin with the free, and then upgrade to the pro.


4.   A Theme.
The page builders listed above should work well with most Free or Paid Themes.
Wordpress Twenty-Sixteen, Pojo Themes, GeneratePress, Thrive Themes, or similar.
The Theme is mainly responsible for the design of your websites Header area, Footer area and Navigation Menus.
The Page Builders, (Elementor , Thrive, or Beaver)  can do all of the styling
for the main content areas of your website (everything between the
Header and Footer)
Compatibility.  Check with the page builders website or FB group to be sure your favorite Theme is compatible.

No need to look at the center / content area of the various themes, because the page builder can easily create almost anything you can imagine.

When selecting a theme pay attention to the header, footer, and menu layout, since those areas are controlled by the theme.

Sometime in the near future, the page builders will also you to easily design everything including the header and footer.


5.  How-To Video’s / Step by Step Instructions

It’s easy to learn the basics and advanced styling from Youtube video.
Thrive goes the extra mile by including a the bonus of “Thrive University”
when you purchase their “Thrive Themes Membership”.

Want it all?

Business Building, Lead Capture, Writing killer Headlines and Copy,
A/B Testing,  Testimonial capture and organization,  Landing (Squeeze) Pages,
Quiz builder, Page Builder, Theme, Automated Headline-Optimizer
+ Detailed A-Z How-To’s in one package.

If you do.. 

Thrive Themes Membership is hard to beat.
Click Thrive to see it all,  watch their videos and learn about.
Ultimatum,  Architect, Ovation, Thrive Leads, and their other tools.

3rd party sites to list your services:

GigMasters, GigSalad, Thumbtack


After using the Gigmasters service for over a year,  the revenue generated has far surpassed the annual fee.
Yes! For me,  Gigmasters ended up being a wise choice. I personally use it and Recommend it.



Although, I’ve booked only a couple a shows with Gigsalad,
The revenue exceeded the fees and thus worth it for me.

GigSalad Discount Codes / Save

Gigsalad occasionally offers discount codes as above.
If their not currently running a promotion,  you may want to sign up for their no obligation, monthly service, and then switch to annual when they begin their next promo.



Thumbtack was recommended to me by a friend.   My numbers show that for every $25 spent on Thumbtack credits, I would gain at least 1 new client.  Results would likely improve over time after accumulating more Thumbtack clients reviews.
Get $45 free:
*If you use the Thumbtack link above,  purchases credits,
(example $29 package)
Thumbtack will then add $45 in free-credits to your new account.


Accepting Payments Online + Card Swipe Reader


PayPal Web-Accept Payment
PayPal Card Swiper / Reader


Square Card Swiper / Reader
Although I’ve been happy with paypal for the past decade, I’ve learned the importance of having a back-up system on hand, and signed up with Square.  Maybe a reader gets damaged, or maybe you just need to have 2 readers working at the same time for those super busy moments.

My recommendation:
Don’t waste your time deciding between Paypal and Square.
Get them both, use both, decide on your  favorite, and keep the other on-hand as a back-up.



Top Email List Builder Providers

List Building /

The Most Popular Email Service Providers:
Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, ConstantContact, GetResponse, Aweber,

$200 to $600 a month, so obviously reserved for the big boys.

Highend service as above.


  • Possible THE most popular provider.
  • It’s integrated into many site builders and form builders.
  • Both free and paid versions.. (Autoresponder is only included with paid plans)


  • Included live phone support
  • Monthly billing or 18% off for Annual billing.
  • Last time I checked. Tim Ferriss.(author of the 4-hour work-week) was using this for his list.


Travel / Lodging

If you’re not yet familiar with Airbnb….
It’s a great way to stay in nice Houses or Apts while traveling
with full amenities, while paying less the price of a hotel room.
Even a low price hotel would cost you $75 or more after their fees and Taxes.  On Airbnb you can find rooms, for $40-$50 that offer private room, private bath, use of living room, full kitchen, etc.   Their all privately owned, so you’ll find options from a coach to master suites, to entire executive suites, and homes.  US, Asia, Europe, Airbnb is everyone.  Bottom line… before booking a hotel room, check out what’s available on Airbnb.


A few of My favorite Podcasts


When you’re driving, out and about, or working around the house, and want to fill your head with the good stuff. These podcasts are at the top of my list.

The School of Greatness  with Lewis Howes
This is currently my favorite podcast by a long shot.   I listen it often and love it!

Tim Ferriss
Author of the 4-hour workweek. He interviews the most amazing people in tech, sports, fitness, nutrition, business, finance, research, ++++,
Tim live and thrives on the cutting edge of everything.  My mind expands in a big way every time I listen in.
Note* you may want to fast forward each one, 4-5 minutes to skip over the
marketing pitches, and maybe the last few minutes as well.

Branding Like a Boss with Aaron Pierson
Aaron is the best selling author of “Brand Dominance”
and is a master of all things Branding.  His Branding podcast
are no-fluff,  short and to the point with




Some of the resources on this page use referral links, and some do not. The Only services that include referral links are the services  I actually use, enjoy, and thus recommend.

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