Personal Mindset Coaching

Personal Mindset Coaching

 “Unlocking your Blocks to Set Your Mind Free”


With Mind-Set Coaching,  you’ll…

  • Learn about your “whys” that drives you.
  • Define and set goals that will inspire you.
  • Uncover your current beliefs and how they affect you.
  • Create new beliefs that will inspire and drive you.
  • Adjust your rules to begin playing your game to win.

10x the Results

That’s what happens when you combine the skills
of a Mindset-Coach with the Mental Reprogramming
skills of a Master Hypnotist.

With Jeff as your coach,  you’ll also…

  • Let go of past traumas
  • Unlock your mental blocks,
  • Reprogram your subconscious
  • Set your mind free of past programming
  • Create new subconscious programs to automatically
  • Learn to easily trigger a flow-state,
  • Set your mental GPS to where you’re destined to go.
  • Define the 20% that create 80% of your results
  • Be held accountable for doing what needs to be done
  • Surprise yourself

There’s a good reason why top performers in every area take advantage of having a coach, whether it’s a life Coach, Performance Coach, Strategic Coach, or the rare Hypnotic Mind-set Coach.

They say common sense is not very common. : )

I’m always baffled when I see fat Personal Fitness Trainers.  These are the supposed to be the experts of fitness. If they’re an expert, how is it possible they don’t practice what they preach?    Here’s a hint: Knowing how to do something is very different than doing it.  Mindset.

Having expertise, having a goal, having a strategy, is all wonderful unless something is keeping you from “walking your talk”.

I’m willing to bet you’ve been there.  Maybe your were having a great day, and then you flashed back to a memory that seemed to push your buttons and, in a blink of an eye, you felt deflated, sad, angry, or anxious.

Why / How does that happen?

Just like hearing an old song, or a smell can bring back a happy memory, the same type triggers can bring back a de-powering feeling.

As a Mind-set coach, and a Hypnotist, the subconscious mind is my domain.

I’ve spent the majority of my life studying the mind, to better understand, “why we do, what we do”.

Regardless of your past, the good and the bad. The parts you’re proud of, and the parts you wish you could forget.

Remember this…

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

You can release the trauma of your past and reclaim your present and future.

As a Mindset Coach and Master Hypnotist, I have the tools, the techniques, and the artistic ability to apply them in a way, that’s just right for you.

I believe in you and look forward to working with you as your Mindset Coach, whether in person or via Skype.

The 1st step is EASY, and 100% FREE

Contact me now via phone, email, or skype.
We’ll chat, and if we’re both comfortable, we’ll soon be working together and you’ll be looking back an asking yourself, “how did I get here?”

In short….

Regardless of your situation,  and where you want to go, the bottom line is Mindset.

How does it compare to Life Coaching, Personal Coaching, or Strategic Intervention Coaching?

Regardless of the title a coach uses, I believe they all begin with
the same good intentions of helping you to set and achieve your goals.

Since everyone has problems and challenges in life and business. What is it that separates those who are stuck from those who are free?

You guessed it!   It’s Mental!  It’s your Mindset!

Our beliefs
, rules, strategies, commitment, focus, imagination are part of our Mindset.   And it’s you mindset that affects how we perceive things and the actions we take.

The challenging part is that we believe that we actually understand know what’s going on in our own head.   Yes, true, some of it we’re aware of (conscious thoughts) but find it difficult to change.

It’s our Unconscious thoughts, the ones buried deep in your Subconscious that your unaware of, and yet holds the real power!

The conscious is the weaker part.  Trying to make changing there is a bit like banging on your keyboard and expecting it to magically change the operating system on a computer.

Although difficult to see ourselves, it’s far easier for another person with an outside perspective to see things more clearly.
And thus the reason for the explosion of the personal coaching industry.

Most coaches are taught How to coach others.  How to help you to set and evaluate your goals. How to help you to create a plan and then how to insure that you stick to it.

Some of us, approach things in a different way.  Rather than focusing on behaviors and habits,  another approach is to go after the subconscious programs.

How you ask?   Using an array of tools above and beyond traditional coaching.  Grapho-therapy, Eft, Mindscaping, Neurology, and… Hypnosis!  The tool of tools that cuts straight to the core.
Hypnosis is powerful juju in the hands of a master.

A great coach will take the time to listen and to understand, devise a plan that unlocks your blocks, opens doors, gets you back on track and happily skipping forward.

After all,  it is…  all about YOU.

True Issue or a Symptom?

Your current challenge or issue is most likely just a symptom of something that lies much deeper.  Ever heard of someone giving up smoking, and then gaining weight?  Or giving up sweet foods, and then feeling anxious or edgy?

Why is that?
There’s a reason why people reach for “comfort” food.

What feeling is popping up that causes you to reach for that comfort food or a smoke, a drink, etc?   You may not even know the underlying trigger.

Most of us (or maybe all of us) are driven by old mental programs that need of an update.  There’s a good reason why you’re reading this right now.

You already know something needs to change, and it needs to change now.

Am I Right?

Experienced Coach?

You’ve likely seen someone advertising “20 years of experience”. All too often, I find it’s more like “1 year of experience”, 20 times over!

In other words…
It’s not the 20 years that holds the magic, it the experience that comes from practice AND continuous learning, adapting, and progressing. The master himself,  Tony Robbins says it best with bis acronym CANI  Constant And Never-ending Improvement.

I’m committed to it,  and how about  you?

The great news….
You’re not alone!
Awesome coaches are only a Phone call (or Skype call) away.

How much does Personal Mindset Coaching Cost?

The national average is $150 a session.
Some higher and some lower.

Be sure to ask about what’s included.
How long is a session?
Will there be support via phone or messaging between scheduled sessions?
If in doubt…  just ask!

Worth it?

Think about this.

How much money are you currently spending every week or month
to distract yourself from your buried emotions or problems.
(pain, sadness, hurt, or fear)

Why do you think you call it “Comfort Food

Why do people feel they “Need a drink“.

How long does the distraction last before the feelings return?  

Food for example:

It goes like this…

Feeling bad > eat > Feel better “while” you are eating
> then feel bad because you over ate > eat more to feel better
>  feel bad again >  Repeat. : )

How crazy is that?!!

It’s a common pattern for most  vices  or Devices of Distraction.

How much do you pay to have your teeth cleaned and checked?

Much much do you pay to visit a doc, and then pay for meds?

What’s the value for freeing yourself from a livelong Phobia?

Or the Value to neutralize traumatic stressful memories?

Only you, know the answers that are right for you.

Which tools, methods, and strategies do I use? 

Hypnosis, Hypno-Analysis, Neurology,  NLP, EFT,  Strategic Intervention,

Regression,  Part-therapy, Time-line therapy, Mindscaping

along with my own intuition, and Real-Magic!

What?  “Real Magic?”   Yes!  It’s something that has to be experienced.

Which method / Modality is best?

As you probably guessed…
With a name like  “Hypnotist Jeff Bliss, it’s no secret that I love Hypnosis and Trance.  I also appreciate that there are many effective tools for change and therefore incorporate several of them as needed.

For me, the modality is like paint and a brush.   Anyone can learn to use the tools,  but few become artists.

It’s not the Brush, it’s the artistry of application.

How do you find the right person to assist you?

1. Make a list of “what” you want to change in your life?

2. Write Down the reasons WHY these changes are important to you.

3. Consider the qualities about a coach that are important to you.

Are they Congruent?

A dentist with crooked green teeth?   No thank you.

A Personal fitness trainer with a  beer gut. What?

A car mechanic who drives a rusted, muffler dragging car?  Next.

A broke Financial advisor?  No way.

A Hypnotherapist (Expert of the mind) that’s weak, fat, and unhealthy?   Pass.

You know the phrase right?…
“Your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear what you’re saying”

Be smart.  Seek out experts who DO what they preach.

4. Watch / see your coach in action.  YouTube!

5. Contact a Coach  for  Free Strategy Session.

Are you ready?  Say YES!



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