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Re-Imagine. Re-Focus. Re-Set.

Jeff Bliss

Mindset Speaker with a Twist!


Although most leaders and their teams,  
often know
“what to do”
The challenge becomes,   
consistently doing,
“what they know”

Leadership When No One’s Looking™️
“Discovering the Super Hero in You”

Go Like a Rhino!™️
“Your Subconscious Settings for Success in Life and Business”
Calm Attack!™ 
“Depress Your stress, Crank up the calm-ness”

These popular presentations…

Artfully blend Motivation, Education, and Inspiration
with Mind-Bending Entertainment  
(The Twist: Mentalism, Real-magic, Hypnosis)
The Result:
Happier leaders and teams,
More calm, more creative, and more productive,
Bottom line: ROI
based on your specific event needs, requests,
available time-slot, budget, theme, and objectives.
Interactive Presentations guaranteed to 

Educate, Motivate, Uplift and Inspire, while Entertaining your audience.

audience-participation presentation.  It’s the “Do” in Be-Do-Have.

See, Hear, and Feel the Message.

for your teams needs and objectives.

Fun & Fascinating:
Jeff’s Empowering Presentations uniquely blends REAL-Magic, Mentalism,
and Hypnosis with transformational take-home messages. 

Motivation, inspiration, & a memorable mind-bending experience
for you and your team.

Video Clip:   “Mindset Re-set”  (Dec 2018  @ Univision)

Topics / Presentations


ROI Mindset Re-set™️ 
“Subconscious Secrets for Success in Life and Business”

Learning Objectives:

  • How to re-set your mental GPS
  • How to transform obstacles into advantages
  • How to use mental constructs to create real-magic and ROI
  • How to quickly unlock mental blocks
  • How to use “thought editing” to maximize positivity and drive


Calm Attack!™️ 
“Depress the Stress, Maximize Productivity and Calmness” 

Learning Objectives:

  • How to short circuit stress in less than 60 seconds
  • How to eliminate overwhelm.
  • How to anchor, and then trigger calm states
  • How to quiet your monkey mind
  • How to Sleep better..  tonight!
  • How to program the mind like a mental GPS
  • How to create energy out of thin air
  • How to move an object with your mind.  Yes Really!  

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