Quit Smoking Phoenix

Smoking? Don't Quit!!!


In Phoenix and smoking?
Don’t quit!

A better way…

Become a “NON-Smoker”

Let me repeat.

Don’t Quit!
“BE / BECOME” a Non-Smoker.

The difference between “Quitting” and “Becoming”  is massive!

Think about it….
Why do runners run,  golfers golf,  and philanthropist give?

Because… it’s their IDENTITY.

Change your identity, and your actions soon change as well.

Non-smokers, have zero desire for a cigarette.
Quite the opposite, they’re repelled by it.

Non-smoker,  value their body, their lungs, and have a strong desire for
breathing clean, oxygenated, life giving air.

And as your conscious mind wonders,  could this be true,
your subconscious mind already knows it is.

Meet Jeff Bliss, (that’s me).
It’s my job to re-wire your brain,
to unlock your blocks, and to set your mind free!

You are worthy of clean water
You are worthy of clean air,
You are worthy of clean food.

You are worthy,  you are enough, you deserve to be healthy.

Change is easier than you think
when you begin from the inside out.

My “Become a Non-Smoker System”  works!,

$$$  How much?
Becoming a NON-smoker is better than free.
You begin “saving” money the moment you walk away.

A pack-a-day smoker, is paying (losing) over $2,500. a year!
That’s a lot of cash

If…  you’ve been smoking for 10 year,  that’s over $25,000.00,  up in smoke!

The real loss if much worse than the cash.
You’re losing the game of life!

Low self esteem
Poor Relationships
Stinky breath
Stinky clothes
Coughing / Hacking / Weezing
Medical costs /
Car depreciation
Home depreciation
Time (your life, your most valuable resource)

I once heard someone say…

“You’re actually Not a smoker,
You’re a sucker, the cigarettes are smoking you”

Raped?  Molested?   Yes!

“the tobacco companies are raping you,
raping your bank account, and raping your life every day”
Not a pleasant thought, but it is an almost perfect analogy.

1 cigarette = consensual rape.

A pack = consensual gang rape.

Sad but true, the tobacco companies are raping you in public.  
Raping your health, raping your wallet, raping your self esteem, raping your life. 
If you’re ok with that, and would rather continue to have your brain washed into
believing it’s your identity, feel free to put your head back under a rock,
and click out of this site. 


If you’re ready to say, “NO MORE”  

If you’re ready to “BE FREE”,  I’m here to help.

CHOOSE now to
Become a non-smoker with Jeff!

***** THE GREAT NEWS! *****


You Can Win the game,
You can Become a NON-Smoker.
…for all the right reasons.

I believe in you. : )

here (in Tempe/Scottsdale/Phoenix) to help

you to:   Quit / Walk away / Become a non-smoker

For all the right reasons…

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